Henri Cardinaux Memorial Scholarship

Sonoma Chambolle-Musigny Sister Cities, Inc.

Deadline December 31, 2013

Sonoma Chambolle-Musigny Sister Cities, Inc (Chamson), has established this award in honor of one of our founders, Henri Cardinaux. The primary purpose is to provide the recipient an opportunity to pursue a stated educational objective related to an element of French business practice while experiencing the rich heritage of the French culture. This immersion in the “French experience” will uniquely combine the routine aspects of daily life with possible opportunities for “hands on” training in the areas of viticulture, enology, culinary arts, or other aspects of French commerce.

Program Description

The scholarship is intended for those who plan to travel to France in 2014 to enhance their educational or professional goals. We are accepting applications for our 2014 Scholarship. The amount of the scholarship is $1500 and will be awarded by March 2, 2014 to applicants who meet the following criteria and submit a complete application by the deadline.

1. Applicants must be in high school or older

2. Applicants must be permanent residents of Sonoma county or be attending a college, university or high school in Sonoma county at the time of the application

3. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a high school or college level French class with a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Recent graduates will also be considered

4. Application must include a letter of recommendation from a French instructor

5. Deadline is December 31, 2013

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